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Tour Lisbon Portugal

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Lisbon Portugal Bicycle Tour

Tour Lisbon Portugal by bicycle.

When you arrive in Lisbon, Portugal you’ll find plenty to do and see. If you want to be sure to see all the sights, but you’re on a budget, you can consider getting a Lisboa Card through the tourism office.

This card gives you access to all public transportation including, trams, metro, buses, and even CP trains to Sintra and Cascais. The card also grants free admittance or discounts to many attractions including more than 80 Lisbon museums, sights and tours.

Lisbon Tours

If your time in Lisbon is short, and you decide to forego the Lisboa Card, but want to take a tour to see the city, you’ll find a large number of organized or alternative tours to choose from. Here are four fun tour alternatives:

Lisbon GoCar Tour

Try an organized GoCar Tour.

  • Bicycle Tours: Of course, what type of tour you choose will be based somewhat on your personal preferences, but many people swear that a Lisbon bike tour is the best way to see the city. Before you worry about pedaling up the seven hills, know that tours are designed with the cyclist in mind, with a route that carries tourists downhill or along flat terrain. It’s an ideal way to relax and take in historical sites and visit interesting nooks and crannies in this vibrant cosmopolitan city.
  • Guided Go-car Tour: GoLisbon offers a one-of-a-kind GoCar GPS Guided Audio Tour. Touring in this fashion allows a measure of freedom as you drive around in these 3-wheeled toy-like cars and tour at your own pace. The GoCars are capable of speeds up to 30 mph, so if you’re in a hurry you can take the tour in less than an hour.
  • Segway Tours: Segway Tours are a fun way to get around Lisbon. With a little training, you’ll find yourself zipping along to visit the historical quarters of Alfama where you’ll learn about its history, the people who live there, as well as the architecture.
  • Lisbon River Cruise: Climb aboard for a Lisbon River Cruise and see the city from a whole new perspective. Cruises allow you to enjoy the sights and to relax at the same time as you cruise along the Tagus River taking in sights spread along the waterfront.

Lisbon Segway Tours

Lisbon Segway tours are unique and fun.

Lisbon Portugal Weather

Lisbon Portugal is an appealing destination with mild winters and plenty of sunshine year-round. Spring time temps are usually in the high 70s, while summers reach highs in the 80s. Balmy evenings makes summer the most popular time of year for festivals.

Lisbon River Cruise

Soak in the sun on a Lisbon River cruise.


Photo credits: toursinportugal.com, golisbon.com

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