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Train Travel in Germany

July 2, 2013 by


Come summer, the streets of Germany become flooded with tourists spending their vacation in Europe. Many of them will choose to travel by train, getting a feel for the European way.

If you’re one of those rail bound travelers, it’s prudent that you know about the Bayern Pass (Bavaria Pass).

The Bavaria region, or Bayern Region, of Germany is riddled with tourist destinations. Munich, Nuremberg, Dachau, Regensburg, Neuschwanstein, and the snow capped Alps are some of the many popular destinations here. The Bayern Pass will get you to all these popular stopping points and save you money along the way.

It’s a one day (24 hour) train tickets that’s good for rail use as well as local public transport systems like trolleys and buses. The flat rate price is just 22€ for one person, plus 2 € for each additional person, up to 4 persons. A single, one way ticket from Regensburg to Munich costs ~25€, so the savings really add up.

When you purchase your ticket at the booth, choose “Special Offers” instead of “Destination.” Then choose the Bayern Pass and enter the number of travelers with you. For 2 people, the pass will cost 24€ and take you everywhere you can manage in 24 hours.

That’s big savings! Now you can splurge on more beer…the true European way!

Photo Source: Flickr/Eric The Fish

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