Travel Clubs – Good Idea or Waste of Money?

August 20, 2012 by

Hundreds of travel clubs worldwide promise to get you the most exclusive deals in the travel industry, for a price. Travelers sign up for a fixed membership price and term, and then are given access to the members-only deals available through the club.

Often times, these deals appear to cost much less than what you’d find on discount travel sites like Travelocity, Orbitz and Kayak. Their appeal leads many travelers to sign up after reading the perks, but are travel clubs really a good idea, or are they just a waste of money?

Over the past few years, there has been a backlash against travel clubs as travelers are finding that they can scout out their own package deals using discount sites when travel clubs are no longer able to deliver such great savings. Travel clubs are also not always able to deliver on the quality of trips, hotels, flights or cruises.

For example, a travel club could get you a mediocre room aboard a Caribbean cruise for a seemingly great price, but if you waited and booked the same cruise on a website like CheapCaribbean, you could get a better room at an even cheaper price. Travelers have become savvy, and many are ditching the travel club idea.

Currently, the Better Business Bureau is dealing with hundreds of complaints from customers that signed up with travel clubs and want their money back because they realized the savings and promised deals aren’t what they expected. Travel clubs have become a suspect industry because there have been so many dissatisfied customers.

However, this doesn’t mean that ALL travel clubs are bad. Do your research before signing up and giving money to any travel club. Also, research their cancellation policy so that you can get your money back if anything seems fishy after the first few days of joining.

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