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Save on airfare

The holiday season from mid-November through New Year’s Day is peak season for travelers going to see extended family or scheduling a family vacation while the kids are out of school. Peak means the demand exceeds supply and prices are at their highest making these getaways quite expensive.

For those who can be flexible and put off their trip until January several benefits are available including travel deals on air fares and accommodations.

January Travel Bargains

The first week in January is considered a dead week in the travel business because the holidays are over and everyone is back to school and work. Plus many people are reeling from the debt they racked up over the holidays and are looking for ways to cut spending rather than laying money out for travel.

It’s the perfect time to find travel deals as many travel-related businesses offer their lowest prices to attract customers. Travel industry jargon differs but the rates you’re looking for will be called something like value season or low season. The time between value and peak season is known as the “shoulder season” which still offers substantial savings.

Boca Grande Light House

Accommodation Availability

Hotels and other vacation rentals make nothing when their units sit empty and are willing to offer low rates rather than make nothing. The savings can be quite substantial in January.

For instance, a 3 bedroom beachfront townhouse on the island of Boca Grande costs $3717 during peak season. The shoulder season drops to $2618 and during the value season in January it drops to $1876 per week. Everything is the same except the time of your stay.

Airfare Availability

January (and in some cases February until school vacations start) airlines offer substantial deals with prices dropped drastically following the holiday season. The Internet is filled with great deals. Check out airline websites and sign up for alerts.

Follow them on Twitter to learn about specials when they are announced. If you’re really flexible, sites like Skyscanner compare millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal quickly. This site can also be used to locate the best deals for hotels and car rentals, too.

The nice thing about travelling in January is that it allows you to stretch your travel dollar while enjoying quality accommodations and less crowded attractions. It may require traveling during the week, but the savings are well worth it if you can be flexible.

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