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Under the Sea at the Atlanta Aquarium

December 10, 2012 by

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

If you’re planning a family vacation to the South to get a break from winter temps, take the opportunity to visit the Atlanta Aquarium, or should we say, the Aquarium in Atlanta known as the Georgia Aquarium.

Atlanta Aquarium

Visit the Georgia Aquarium

Kids, parents, and everyone else will thrill at the underwater adventures made possible with a visit to the Georgia Aquarium. Feel like a scuba diver as you walk under the sea via the 100-foot acrylic tunnel to see the four whale sharks, manta rays, a giant goliath grouper, sharks and more!

No other aquarium features the number and size of fish as the Ocean Voyager exhibit. Along with Ocean Voyager, the Georgia Aquarium has five other permanent galleries which include:

Georgia Aquarium

Cold Water Quest: Witness to beluga whales, African penguins nesting in a natural setting amid rockwork, and other animals in an exhibit equipped with state-of-the-art lighting that mimics day, night, and everything in between.

Tropical Diver: This exhibit let the kids “find Nemo” along with fairy basslets, tiny glass sweepers, and will take you to the largest living reef exhibit in any aquarium.

Georgia Explorer:  This highly-interactive exhibit is a blast for the entire family. Kids especially enjoy the touch pools where they can see and feel horseshoe crabs, sea stars, shrimp, and stingrays.

River Scout: The River Scout gallery introduces visitors to a wide range of animals from Africa, South America, Asia, and even some from Georgia. The exhibit allows kids to safely visit an area filled with piranha and get a close-up view of those razor sharp-teeth.

Dolphin Tales Show: This 30 minute show is narrated by a seafarer by the name of StarSpinner who takes guests on a journey that keeps guests on the edge of their seats as they journey across the oceans.

Atlanta Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium Tickets

The aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia offers a number of ticket options. One of the best deals is the Georgia Aquarium’s Total Ticket! It buys admission to all six permanent galleries along with admission to changing galleries when available.

Georgia Aquarium Coupons and Deals

To save money on a visit to the Atlanta Aquarium, you can buy a CityPASS for just $69. It provides admission to five of Atlanta’s favorite attractions in one bundle. Along with the CityPASS you’ll receive coupons, a map, and insider tips for getting around.

The pass is good for nine days after it is activated with first use. Online coupons for the aquarium in Atlanta are are also available from time to time to help save on the cost of admission.

Photo credits: mackenza, Clintus McGintus, markellis_1964, hoyasmeg

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