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Unique Brooklyn

April 18, 2014 by


It’s easy to get lost in New York City among the tall skyscrapers, hoards of people, and endless seas of lights. At the Brooklyn Art Library, that’s exactly what they want you to do; get lost. Get lost in the pages of the Sketchbook Project.

Here, in the unique side of Brooklyn, Williamsburg, is housed thousands of sketchbooks, from thousands of artists, all sharing their art for all to see. You could spend hours here, flipping through pages of sketches, paintings, and doodles documenting travels around the globe.

Feeling inspired? Sign up to be part of the Sketchbook project and get your own book. You keep it for one year, taking it everywhere with you, and recording life’s peculiarities. Return it to the Brooklyn Art Library where it will be shelved among the others, for tourists and locals to browse and relive your tales.

What a great way to escape Manhattan and explore a different side of New York, all while saving your pennies. The Brooklyn Art Library is free for all to enjoy. They are open daily, from 12p-8p. Visit their website for more information on the Sketchbook Project, their location, and to browse the digital library.

Photo Source: Flickr/cefeida

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