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With all the added fees travelers experience when flying these days, many are growing savvy when it comes to booking their flights. For international travelers, using airfare consolidators is one way to save in a big way.

Consolidators are ticket brokers such as large volume travel agents and Internet travel sites that negotiate ticket prices. It takes some research to find who is really offering a good deal, but taking the time to compare prices among consolidators is well worth it. It’s not unusual to find prices 50% – 70% lower than published rates.

Airfare Consolidators Buy in Bulk

The reason airfare consolidators can offer such discounts is that they get their tickets in bulk. Consolidator contracts are awarded to companies with a proven record for selling large numbers of tickets. They are then able to pass on substantial saving to their clients.

International Flags

Target a Specific Destination

The Internet makes it easy to check out various airfare consolidators and what deals they have to offer for your selected international destination. It’s like shopping wholesale rather than retail.

Using an airfare consolidator for an international flight can save you hundreds of dollars. With amounts like that, it is well worth the time it takes to do some comparison shopping. For domestic flights, however, prices generally remain close to the same across the board.

For the biggest savings, choose a consolidator that specializes in a specific destination. These are sometimes referred to as ethnic consolidators. They service a specific country or region. To find these consolidators, talk to people who fly to that region and ask where to get the best deal.

For example, travel agents in immigrant neighborhoods such as “Chinatown,” or “Little India” may provide the most inexpensive option for flying to China or India.

The travel site getgoing.com offers an unusual savings opportunity for travelers with a little more flexibility. You give them two places you’re willing to fly along with your credit card. They let you know where you’re going. At first glance this sounds a bit risky, but you’ll save 40% and if you choose your two choices carefully, you’ll get to where you want to go.

The key is to become aware of deals when they become available. Many of the online airfare consolidators such as AirfareWatchdog.com send out emails when deals become available once you let them know what you’re looking for.

Save on Flights

List of Airfare Consolidators

Use the following list of consolidators to air your search to savings:

Take the time to visit a number of consolidators, compare prices, and spend the money you save for fun once you reach your destination.

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