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When Visiting Philly, BYOB

March 31, 2014 by


Eating out can be expensive, especially when you’re traveling and eating at dine-in restaurants two to three times a day. But nothing racks up a restaurant bill faster than adding alcohol to the tab.

Luckily for visitors to Philadelphia, the city has a thriving BYOB culture where restaurants that allow you to bring your own alcohol (often wine, but sometimes beer and liquor, too) are nearly as plentiful as soft pretzel carts.

The BYOB (“bring your own bottle”) culture in the city sprung up a few years ago and is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s become such an incentive for locals and visitors alike, that the Philadelphia Tourism Board has even put together an interactive map showing off the more than 200 participating establishments.

The map allows you to browse by neighborhood and even gives information on the nearest liquor stores. There is also a search function which allows you to search by area or plug in the name of any establishment.

Back on the tourism board’s site, you can search for restaurants by category,┬álike authentic Philadelphia hoagies, tapas restaurants, gluten-free, and even restaurants from Philly’s resident superstar TV chef Jose Garces.

photo credit: VisitPhilly.com

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  1. Penny W. says:

    It’s good for restaurants to allow this as more people may dine out if they know they don’t have to pony up outrageous money for a bottle of wine with dinner. They do this in Montreal too, but if I recall, they charge a small “corking fee” that gets added to your bill.

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