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African Safari Wildlife Park

October 19, 2012 by

Safari Park

Enjoy the drive-through safari as many times as you like.

If you’ve thought of traveling to Africa for a Safari, but don’t have the money or time to do it, consider visiting the African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio. It’s located just minutes west of Cedar Point and is open March 2 to May 24, and September 4 to December 2.


See the shy ocelot on the walking tour.

Drive Through Safari

Visitors enjoy the safari experience in a couple of ways. The first is from the comfort of their vehicle. An added bonus is that you can take the drive-through tour as many times as you like while you’re there.

This is a perfect opportunity to see the animals when they are most active as you witness feedings and interaction between animals and their keepers. If the timing is perfect, you may even see the birth of a baby at the African Safari Wildlife Park.

White Alligator

Visit the rare white alligator exhibit.

Walk Though Safari

The park’s Walk-Thru Safari is more like visiting a zoo. The walk through features displays like the rare white alligator exhibit! Other African animals you can expect to see include white-handed Gibbons, Nyala, Ocelots, warthogs, and more.

Safari Grill

The Safari Grill

Watch the Animals While You Eat

A variety of restaurants are available on the park grounds and many wildlife exhibits are viewable from outdoor seating on decks designed specifically to enhance your experience. You’ll find a variety of foods from the Mombasa CafĂ©, Safari Grill, or sweet refreshing hand dipped ice cream at the Ice Cream Shop. Kids menus are available.

Safety Rules

While it can be tempting to feed or pet the animals, the African Safari Wildlife Park has rules in place to keep you safe. This mean keeping your car doors closed at all times and no getting out of the car or hanging out of the car while on the drive through safari. Needless to say, that also means no feeding the animals from your hands or petting the wildlife.

No Outside Food Allowed

Feeding the animals is allowed in some scenarios, but only the food provided by the park is allowed. If you decide to feed the wildlife, it is at your own risk.

Educational Animal Shows

Take in an educational animal show.

Animal Shows

Along with the drive through and walk through safaris, The African Safari Wildlife Park features educational wildlife shows and pig races. The park is open daily come rain or shine. They don’t offer rain checks, but if it does rain during your visit they do offer a 50% off return pass if you ask for it during your initial visit.

This is one destination the entire family will enjoy!

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