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Baby Proof Iphone Case

March 17, 2014 by


Keep your baby engaged and happy while keeping your iPhone, iPod, or iPod touch safe and secure with the Fischer Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case.

Made of durable plastic, the outer ring prevent any damages from dropping and banging, while the soft & clear protective strip protects your device from any dribbles, drools, spits and snots. Baby beads and mirrors encourage child play while the Fischer Price learning apps (free) allow baby to practice hand and eye coordination while using fine motor skills and practicing self discovery.

The Laugh & Learn Apptivity case comes in pink, blue and green and costs just $15.00. It can be purchased here. This is perfect for any family and is a great activity for the car, the plane, a restaurant, or the stroller. Get one for yourself and for your best expecting friend.

Photo Source: Fischer Price

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