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Disney’s Frozen Boosts Travel to Norway

June 10, 2014 by


Who would think an animated Disney film could influence adult travel? It turns out the Disney’s blockbuster Frozen has done just that. Fans are visiting the country that inspired the film’s landscapes in droves!

Northern Lights

U.S. Tourism to Norway Up 37 Percent

Harald Hansen, the spokesperson for Visit Norway, told the AP that the film’s settings have substantially boosted visits from U.S. tourists to Norway. People want to see the landscapes that inspired the story.

In the first quarter of this year, hotel bookings increased by 37 percent from 2013 and tour operators have enjoyed a 40 percent increase in sales, too, from the same time last year.

“We noticed a huge increase from the U.S. already in November and December last year, just after we started our marketing with Disney in October.” – Harald Hansen Visit Norway

Norwegian Air has also made adjustments to the increased demand and now fly direct to Oslo from the Orlando airport nearest to Disney.

According to Hansen, the increase in U.S. visitors is most evident in the fjord region, but interest has also increased in Oslo and Northern Norway, where visitors have the opportunity to witness the northern lights — a spectacle shown in the movie.


8 Day Adventures by Disney Norway Tour

Adventures by Disney offers a Norway tour directly linked to the movie. It lets you experience the stunning beauty and majesty of Norway and includes everything from the quaint villages to the striking landscapes. The difference is that this tour lets the entire family follow in the filmmaker’s footsteps as you hike, raft and traverse the awe-inspiring terrain.

The spokesperson for another tour company, Wilderness Travel said the the film seems directly linked to this new-found popularity.

“People just hadn’t seen these remarkable landscapes before. The movie represents the folk culture in such an engaging way, and the landscapes and architecture are so stunning, and they are all based on real places.” – Barbara Banks of Wilderness Travel

Today many children take a part in planning a family vacation, and Norway offers a unique destination that offers something for everyone…Frozen fan or not.

Photo credits: Amazon, wikimedia, wikimedia

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  1. Julie C. says:

    I’m surprised to see it so directly linked to the movie! I would think that without talking snowmen, rock trolls and crystal castles, families with young girls would be disapointed in the real Norway. But maybe someone is going to get smart and build a Frozen theme park nearby??

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