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Fly Like a Superhero with Water Jetpacking

June 1, 2015 by

Jetpack America

Have you ever wanted to fly like a super hero?

Now Jetpack America can make that dream come true on your next vacation to Las Vegas, Newport Beach, or San Diego with a choice of several different flight packages, which include pre-flight training, walkie-talkie helmet communication with your instructor, and remote throttle control to keep your flight safe and fun.

Jetpack America

Training Provided

If you have never tried jetpacking, it’s no problem. Certified flight instructors are on hand to coach jetpackers through their flights from start to finish.

Before you even strap the pack on, you’ll pay a visit to Jetpack America’s jetpack school for a little classroom instruction to go over the basics. This includes a safety video introducing the technology used in water jetpacking and what you can expect. Then you’ll move to hands-on pre-flight instruction.

Once training is complete, jetpackers head to the flight zone for an adrenaline rush they’ll never forget.

Jetpack America

Different Flight Times Available

If you’re a little uneasy about the thought of jetpacking, but want to give it a try, you can choose a short 15 minute flight, and if you’re all-in you can enjoy a 60 minute flight package.

For first timers, the instructor will have remote throttle control making learning fun, fast, and safe. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have the option to take control of your own throttle on subsequent flights.

There are restrictions on jetpacker pilot height and weight for safety reasons. For solo flights pilots must be between 5’0″ and 7’0″. Weight must range between 85 and 330 pounds with a maximum waist size of 46″.

Tandem Flights for Kids

The fun of jetpacking isn’t restricted just for grownups anymore. For the first time, Jet America is offering tandem flights for kids as young as 5 years old.

It’s fun and safe and an experience your kids won’t stop talking about. For tandem flights, jetpackers must be between 3’6″ and 5’6″ and weigh between 35 to 125 lbs.

Pilot Certificate and More

Every jetpacker will receive a Pilot Certificate to prove they’ve actually gone up, and to share the jetpacking experience with your friends, you can take advantage of one of the photo or video packages which capture your superhero flying skills in full HD.

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