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Geocaching for Kids in Arkansas

June 5, 2013 by


Geocaching is like a treasure hunt.

Geocaching is like an outdoor treasure hunt. This popular outdoor activity is played using a mobile GPS receiver and other navigational techniques to hide containers (geocaches).

These small, waterproof containers contain a logbook. The person who finds it, known as a geocacher, enters the date they find it and their codename. Arkansas parks offer plenty of fun geocaching in their state parks.


The person who finds the geocache is known as a geocacher.

Geocaching in Arkansas State Parks

Arkansas State Parks offer the perfect backdrop for geocaching outdoor fun. The Arkansas Park system has a wide variety of historic settings, landmarks, architectural sites, and plenty of beautiful outdoor settings. The park settings will challenge the kids’ (and adults’) geocaching skills with hours of fun for families.

In all, Arkansas has 52 state parks and this geocaching adventure is based on visiting all 52. Each park offers a clue needed to locate the 53rd cache which is situated somewhere in the state.

The clue sheet can be downloaded online before you start the adventure. The parks encourage participants to take photos and share them on


Arkansas State Park Geocoin

For a limited time, Arkansas State Park geocoins are available at the final location. These coins will be randomly placed in geocaches in the parks, too, so it offers a special prize for those who find them.

Other Things to Do

While visiting Arkansas State Parks for geocaching take advantage of other things to do. They are the perfect destination to learn about nature, state history and culture. Enjoy a hike, go for a swim, fish, cycle, or just plan to relax.

For more information on geocaching in Arkansas State parks visit their website or email the State Park’s Director’s office in Little Rock ([email protected]). They will be happy to answer any questions.

Photo credits: Droid61, Sasha N, JustTooLazy

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  1. Penny W. says:

    This sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon! But I was under the impression that you took the cache you found and replace it with an item of your own. Guess I was way off course!

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