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Girls’ Disney Backpack

June 12, 2013 by

iasw_shop_2386_D215_01Traveling with your little princess? Purchase her this LeSportsac backpack for carrying all her travel necessities, entertainment and souvenirs.

LeSportsac’s new “It’s a Small World” line features Disney themed patterns to fit all bags, purses, wallets, and backpacks. This Basic Backpack with Charm is perfect for your little world traveler.

It has 2 zippered pockets, one for the main compartment and one smaller exterior pocket, good for snacks, sunscreen, or chap stick. It also comes with one small zipper pouch with easily stores crayons, colored pencils, or other small, uncontrollable objects.

The shoulder pads and back are lightly padded for comfortable wear all day long.

The bag comes in two patterns, Global Journey, and Well Wishers (shown above). It costs $118 and can be purchased from LeSportsac.

Purchase your own matching Lilly wallet to fit in with the little one’s style.

Photo Source: LeSportsac

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