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Introduce Kids to the Amish Experience

June 9, 2013 by

Amish buggy tour

Amish buggy tour

Pennsylvania Amish country is home to the oldest Amish settlement and a unique place to visit with the kids.

Introduce your kids to the Amish experience with horse and buggy rides for a tour of the countryside, a visit to the Kitchen Kettle Village, and a cultural hands-on cultural experience by taking part in a Make-A-Friend Workshop.

Amish Horse and Buggy Rides and Tours

Amish horse and buggy rides are a popular attraction in Pennsylvania Amish country. You’ll find several vendor options.

Here are a few to choose from:

  • Amish Barn Buggy Rides: Group buggy rides take you along scenic back roads in an all Amish area. They also feature a one-acre petting zoo. Private rides are also available. (Handicap accessible.)
  • AAA Buggy Rides – Kitchen Kettle Village: AAA rides offers three options. One follows a four-mile country route through Amish farmlands where riders will witness real working farms and the unique Amish lifestyle. The second, The Five-Mile Covered Bridge Ride, takes you through a real covered bridge. The Ride Around Town buggy ride takes you through the historic town of Intercourse.
  • A is for Amish Buggy Rides!: This buggy ride company offers half-hour horse and buggy rides along scenic back roads through pristine farmlands. The ride includes a visit to an Amish farm that includes a petting barnyard and shop.

Amish kitchen

Amish kitchen

Farm Museum

The Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum offers an opportunity for kids to experience living history of Pennsylvania Dutch life. The village has over 40 historical structures on 100 acres.

Kids will learn about traditions, folklore, and get to see traditional crafts made along with open-hearth cooking. Take a ride in a horse-drawn buggy, and visit authentic farmsteads. Kid specific activities are available, too.

Amish school.

Amish one-room school house.

Make a Friend Workshop

The Make-A-Friend Workshop takes your kids inside a one-room schoolhouse and lets the whole family join in. Families can choose to build a wooden barn, really parts for a barn, and see what it feels like to be a carpenter.

If that’s not your cup of tea, the Make-A-Friend workshop lets participants move through six stations to get a hands-on experience on how to make handmade clothing and to learn about the Amish culture.

A visit to Amish country will introduce kids to a whole new way of living…well, really an old way of living that still works today.

Photo credits: Ambrose Little, Chris York, Allie_Caulfield

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