Kid Snacks for the Car

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Kids eating in the car

Snacks can help break up the monotony of the trip for kids.

Car trips are a great way to make lasting memories, and choosing the right kid snacks for the car can help make them good memories. You don’t want to choose messy snacks, and other than that, the challenge is to find snacks kid’s love that are good for them.

Offering the kids a snack between stops not only gives them something to do, but can give the parents a reprieve from questions like “How much longer?” or “Are we there yet?”



Add flavoring to your travel water for a special treat.


While a cooler of soda and some candy and chips might be easy choices, they are not the best choices. First of all, if you make soda your beverage of choice and it spills, you have a sticky mess to clean up.

Plus the sugar in soda gives many kids way more energy than they need in the car, and this rush of energy is followed by the crash and crabby tempers.

Water is the ideal drink choice and really all you need. It doesn’t have to take up precious cooler space, and if it does spill, the worst-case scenario is that you wait for it to dry.

If your kids turn up their nose at water, try adding a little flavor like lemon or cherry. If they complain about wanting something else to drink, remind them they can order something else to drink when you make a stop for lunch.

If your kids absolutely refuse to drink water you can settle for a juice box of 100% juice, but while these are less likely to spill by design, they don’t fit into the car’s drink holders.

Baked Naturals

Kids enjoy snacks like Baked Naturals.

Kid Friendly Snacks for the Car

The best kid snacks for the car are the ones that are good for them and stay with them.

Pre-packaged Snacks for the Car: 

  • Slash Fruit Snacks are a gummy candy-like treat that comes in lemon, cherry, strawberry and other flavors. This organic snack doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors or flavors. (Recommended for kids 2 and older).
  • Stretch Island Fruit Abundant Apricot Fruit Leather: This is an all-natural snack made with no sugar added.
  • Crackers and Crisps: Snack-size servings of a variety of natural cracker/crisps are also an option. Pepperidge Farm offers a variety.
  • Cooler snacks: string cheese, yogurt
  • Unrefrigerated snack options: Make up your own re-sealable snack bags in individual servings of dry cereal, trail mix, whole-grain pretzels
  •  Nature’s snacks: Fruit and vegetables are nature’s perfect snacks. Fill snack bags with baby carrots, grapes, raisins, crasins, or other dried fruit. Apple slices are another tasty option, but these may discolor and cause kids to wrinkle their nose.

 Let the Kids Help

As you pack snacks for your trip, let your kids help put them together. This will let your kids know what their snack choices are in the car, and they will be more likely to accept them.

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    Snacks are an important part of every long trip; being prepared with good options make everyone happier.

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