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Kids Cafe Piccolo, Seoul

July 23, 2012 by


A number of kid-centered restaurants are popping up around the world, and Kids Cafe Piccolo in Seoul is one of the top children’s restaurants out of the bunch.

Normally, a child-friendly restaurant will simply have a kid’s section on their menu and some crayons on the table. Kids Cafe Piccolo takes the concept to a whole new level with an entire restaurant, play area, education center, kitchen and party area.

Korean design team Podium took the reigns in crafting this unique space where kids can eat, play and learn. The cafe is described by the designers as being a little world for kids, where their imaginations and curiosity can take over.

Parents are the ancillary customers at Kids Cafe Piccolo. Quirky features abound in this kid’s haven, where everything, down to the bathrooms, is geared towards kids.

While the tikes are taking free classes on balloon making in the play room or creating their own do-it-yourself meal in the kitchen, adults can sip a beverage and relax in the coffee shop, the only area dedicated to those over 10 years old.

Expect more of these types of cafes in Seoul, Tokyo and other progressive cities in the near future.

Photo source: Kids Cafe Piccolo

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