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Kids Travel Diary

August 17, 2012 by

Get kids excited about travel from an early age by having them record their traveling experiences in this Kids Travel Diary. Kids of all ages will love writing down fun facts about places visited, their itinerary for the trip, and their favorite memories from the trip. The Kids Travel Diary will help them remember what they did so that they can share with friends and family when they return home.

The Kids Travel Diary has space for a packing checklist and addresses, in addition to pages for notes about a certain place, what they liked the best and least, new foods tried, souvenirs purchased, and much more.

Teach your kids to value their travel experiences and record as much as they can about each trip. It’s not only fun to look over when returning home, but also years later when you want to revisit a trip through personal memories.

For more information about the Kids Travel Diary, or to purchase the diary, visit the Going In Style website. The Kids Travel Diary retails for $10 and makes a great gift.

Photo source: Going In Style

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