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Lego KidsFest a Three-Day Family Event

June 25, 2013 by

Lego KidsFest

See dozens of life-sized Lego models

Looking for something the whole family can enjoy? Lego KidsFest is a three-day nationally traveling Lego expo touring America. It offers kids and their families interactive, educational fun and entertainment.

To accommodate crowds, several sessions are offered each of the days, with tickets purchased for a specified session.

Lego KidsFest

The expo covers more than 150,000 square feet.

Hands-On Lego Extravaganza

KidsFest is a Lego extravaganza that offers creative Lego building for all ages. Construction zones let families exercise the imagination. Visitors also have the opportunity to meet Lego Master Builders, take part in group builds, and experience Lego games.

Along with all the activity, everyone enjoys the life-sized models made entirely from Lego bricks. It’s an entertainment packed event kids of all ages and interests will enjoy, and it covers more than 150,000 square feet.

Interactive activities, displays, and demonstrations include:

  • Brick Pile: This giant pile of Lego bricks is there for enjoyment and free play
  • Brickscapes: This display combines creations built with Lego and Duplo sets
  • Construction Zones: here kids can play and build their own creation
  • Creation Nation: Kids can build their own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S.
  • Lego Duplo: This area caters to younger visitors as they use their imagination through building
  • Lego Games Arena: For families who enjoy board games this is a chance to roll the dice to play Lego board games
  • Lego Master Builders: Watch live demonstrations and take part in activities from professional Lego builders
  • Lego Model Gallery: See dozens of life-sized Lego models
  • Monochromatic Builds: Build with bricks of a single color as part of a group
  • Race Ramps: This is an opportunity to build a custom car and race it down the ramp against friends and family

Kids build their own creations in the Construction Zones.

Kids build their own creations in the Construction Zones.

Lego KidsFest Dates

The expo has been traveling around the country since 2009, and four events are scheduled for the remainder of 2013.

  • Phoenix AZ: July 12-14
  • SF Bay Area CA: August 30 – September 1
  • Portland OR: October 11-13
  • New England: December 6-8 

This event is ideal for families who enjoy hands-on fun together. If you plan to leave and re-enter during your session, get your hand stamped or hold on to your ticket stub.

For more information visit their official website.

Photo credits: Courtesy of LEGO® KidsFest

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