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Live the Life of a Spy at the International Spy Museum

August 11, 2013 by

International Spy Museum

Test yourself to see if you’ve got what it takes to go undercover at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. Here you’ll get to see over 200 spy gadgets and learn about advances in spy technology while you test your skills in observation and analysis at interactive stations.

Interactive Fun for All Ages

Kids and adults will both enjoy a visit to this museum as you learn about the latest in surveillance and bug technology. You’ll learn where bugs are planted, crawl through air ducts, and see life size displays of spies in action.

For some real hands-on thrills, interactive opportunities are more than exhibits. They pull you into the world of espionage as an agent.

International Spy Museum

Tie cam

Operation Spy

Become a spy in this interactive experience that carries you across the border into the exotic world of Khandar. You meet your contact in a country roiling in unrest. Follow them into a back alley and through shadows of unusual storefronts until you reach “Khandar Exports” the front for the intelligence agency’s command center.

You’ll be responsible for decrypting secret audio conversations, and penetrating and escaping a high-security compound. Agents for this mission must be 12 or older.

Spy in the City

The Spy in the City experiences actually takes you outdoors on a high-stakes operation in the International Spy Museum neighborhood. The museum equips participants with a GPS-interactive device and everything else you need to complete the secret mission.

Agents 10-15 can take part with an adult. Those who are 16 and older can go solo on this hour-long mission.

International Spy Museum

Spy City Tours

The Spy City Tours take you deep undercover into the realm of espionage, intrigue, deception, and betrayal. This two-hour bus tour is guided by a “handler.” An interactive mission is woven throughout the tour and will give you a chance to practice your spy skills as you learn about spies who left their mark on the city.

Be ready to observe, evade, and brake codes as you try to outwit the enemy.

The International Spy Museum offers displays rich in history and plenty of interactive hands-on opportunities. Stop by their website for a virtual tour and more information.

Photo credits: InsiderPerks

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  1. Julie C. says:

    What an interesting idea for a museum! And as the parent to boys, it would be something they’d actually enjoy learning about and being interactive holds a great appeal.

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