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New Anna and Elsa’s Boutique Offers Frozen Makeovers

October 13, 2014 by

Frozen Boutique

A new shop has opened at Downtown Disney that will have young girls begging for a Disneyland vacation.

Anna & Elsa’s Boutique opened in early October, 2014, and offers kids a store/salon devoted to all things “Frozen.” While young girls can get Anna and Elsa makeup makeovers, they also offer an Olaf makeover for boys, too.

Frozen hairtyle

Makeover Anna and Elsa Style

Young “Frozen” fans from ages 3 to 15 have the opportunity to get made up as their favorite character from Disney’s blockbuster animated hit. Girls have an opportunity to have their hair styled like Elsa or Anna and to be made up with finishing touches to complete the look. These makeover packages start at $34.95.

For a complete look, the transformation can include a Frozen-inspired wardrobe package, too. Boys can even have their hair tips frosted with gel for “snow” and an Olaf tee-shirt to finish the look.

All-inclusive Looks to Choose From

Anna & Elsa’s Boutique offers Frozen fans a nice selection of “Frozen” characters to choose from.

Featured all-inclusive packages include:

  • Elsa: This includes an Elsa-inspired coronation hairstyle complete with a blue color streak, tiara, glistening makeup and nail polish.
  • Anna: An Anna-inspired coronation hairstyle is also offered and includes a green color streak, tiara, glittery makeup and nail polish.
  • Olaf for Girls: For girls with shorter hair, an Olaf-inspired hairstyle is offered. This makeover comes with a top hat headband, orange color streak, shimmering makeup and nail polish.
  • Olaf for Boys: The Olaf-look for boys includes “snow” frosted hair gel tips and choice of an Olaf tee-shirt
  • Cool As Ice: The Cool as Ice hairstyling package offer choice of 2 colorful hair streaks, a face gem, and shimmering makeup and nail polish.

Call Ahead

Call ahead to secure your spot in the stylist’s chair by calling (714) 781-7895 today! Callers under age 18 must have a parent or guardian’s permission to call, and when kids come in for their makeover, they must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older during the entire appointment.

Photo credits: Imported Popcorn, Disney Style

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  1. Julie C. says:

    No rugged blond Christoff or Prince Hans for the boys? No troll looks for anybody? They could do a little more here but obviously are catering to the girls.

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