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New Trend: Grandparent-Grandkid Vacations

December 9, 2013 by

Grand Tour

Family vacations have taken on a new twist as more grandparents are taking their grandkids on vacation while leaving the “middle generation” at home. Last year, almost 10% of leisure travelers 65 or older took a trip with someone younger than 18.

According to the Wall Street Journal these “Grand Tours” are one of the few areas in the travel industry that are growing in this uncertain economic climate.

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Grand Tour Type Destination

When you think of vacationing with grandparents, you may think of destinations like Disney, but grandparents are looking for more adventure and are booking trips to remote places and splurging on travel to destinations they could not afford when their kids were growing up.

In response to this new demand, hotels, resorts and travel agents are broadening their selection of opportunities targeting the multi-generational market. This includes international destinations like Spain, France, the Galapagos Islands and more.

Some favorite destinations include:

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Alaskan Cruise: Most people go in the summer while kids are out of school and the weather is pleasant. The best Alaskan cruise deals can be found in the months of May and September.

Caribbean Beach Vacations: Caribbean beach vacation offer plenty of activities like snorkeling or parasailing, and nothing compares to the pristine beaches for lounging and soaking up the sun. These destinations feature all-inclusive resorts perfect for all ages.

African Safari: Many dream of going on an African safari, and now grandparents are seeing that dream come true with their grandchildren. Every age group thrills at the opportunity to witness the “big 5” (elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and rhinos) first hand.

The best time of year to visit is between June and September (winter) because it’s not too hot and less rainy.

Argentina: Argentina is the perfect destination for grandparents who want to expose their grandkids to a rich culture, diverse landscape and yet has a good infrastructure.

Culinary, shopping and historic attractions are all winners, but some branch out to the Patagonia region where they can enjoy lush grasslands, ride horses over mountains and more.

The list of possibilities grows as more grandparents plan to travel the globe with their grandkids. It’s a great way to see the world and get to know each other at a whole new level.

Photo credits: bowler1996p, Carissa Rogers, Joe Nuxoll

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  1. Penny W. says:

    My kids are old enough now that if they wanted to travel with their grandparents, I’d say go for it! It’s so expensive for a family vacation that any way my kids can experience the world is welcome. Makes for good bonding!

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