Non-Stop Fun at Gambang Water Park in Malaysia

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Gambang Water Park

You may be surprised to learn Bukit Gambang Water Park in Malaysia offers non-stop fun for kids and adults. In a country known for its wild jungles and granite peaks, this water park is an example of the diversity of things to do and enjoy in Malaysia.

The park spans more than 45 acres and offers a selection of unique attractions and spectacular views the whole family can enjoy.

Penguin Island

Kids enjoy plenty of water fun on Penguin Island.

Water Rides for Adults and Kids

The Gambang Water Park takes a unique approach in the design of their water rides. Each adult ride has a kid-sized replica so everyone can enjoy getting wet.

While the adults have fun, the fact is, the park caters to kids with more children-only water attractions. It’s enough to make you wish you were a kid again…well at least for a day.

6 Lane Racer Slides

6 Lane Racer Slides

6 Lane Racer Slides

The 6 Lane Racer Slides are the longest in Malaysia. Your heart starts beating faster as you climb multiple flights of stairs, until you get to the top and your own racer slide. You wait for the gates to open. When they do, you drop at thrilling speeds as you race against friends to reach the bottom.

For the younger kids, the Kids Slide is a perfect fit with less stairs for their little legs to climb.

Galaxy Slide

The Galaxy water slide is like a giant twisty straw. That’s right, this slide is like a tube that closes you in on all sides as you slip and slide, faster and faster, until you reach the end with a big splash into the pool.

Crystal Slide

The Crystal Slide also offers plenty of twists and turns as you head for the water, but this slide is made of translucent material that lets you watch the world outside speed by as you scream your way to the bottom.

Wave Pool

Along with the many slides, the wave pool is a favorite!

Canopy Slide

This half-pipe water slide sends you rushing downward with water splashing at each twist and turn. Many times the turns have you sliding sideways. It’s a thrill you won’t forget.

Glacier Raft Ride

Glacier River Journey

Raft Rides

The Family Raft Ride lets families relax a little as they ride together on oversized rafts. The Glacier River Journey of Ice ride is a second raft ride option. This relaxing ride circles the whole park.

Children Fantasy Island (Penguin Island)

The kids can enjoy plenty of water fun on Penguin Island where rides are designed with little legs in mind.

Pre-Paid Wristbands

A first in Malaysia, the Gambang Water Park features pre-paid wristbands, so you don’t have to worry about your money or credit cards getting wet.

Along with these and other water rides, the park sports a man-made beach that’s a kilometer long. It’s a perfect place to go for a walk to let the sun dry you off a bit before you go back for more water fun.

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