Old Time Car Games for Kids to Pass the Time

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Kids in the Car

Play car games to pass the time.

Whether you’re driving 20 minutes to the grocery store, an hour to grandma’s, or hours at a time on vacation, kids get bored. Playing car games for kids can help pass the time and create memories as you enjoy quality family time while having fun.

Old Time Car Games for Kids

Playing games in the car is nothing new. These games are more fun when played with two or more people. Here are a few tried and true games kids have enjoyed for decades:

I Spy: For this game, one of the kids plays the role of spy by choosing an object. The game starts with the spy saying, “I spy with my little eyes something ______. They fill in the blank with an adjective that describes the object.

This can be a shape, color, texture or anything that relates to the object. For instance something round may be the steering wheel. It is up to the rest of players to guess what the object might be. The one who guesses correctly becomes the next spy. This game can go on until the kids tire of it.


The alphabet game uses roadside signs.

Alphabet Game: The alphabet game can be played as a family or competitively. The goal is to find words on street signs, billboards, and other signs that start with letters of the alphabet in order. For example, start with the letter “a” and when that is spotted the child announces, “A in Abbott Street” and then they look for a word starting with “B.”

The first part of the game usually goes quickly and then slows down when everyone gets stuck on “Q” for a time. For the letter “X” it’s best to allow for any word containing the letter.

License Plate Game: The license plate game is another one that can be played as a family or individually. The goal is to find license plates from as many different states as possible. It helps to print out a list of the states to have on hand.

Playing games in the car is a great way to pass time on a trip. It takes the focus away from, “Are we there yet” and can actually make the time fun and even educational.

What games do you play in the car when traveling with kids?

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Depending on the age of the kids and the length of the drive, it’s often nice to give them a chance to truly do nothing but daydream out the window and maybe have a little snooze.

    To fight boredom I sometimes sneak new books into the car without them knowing, so it’s a surprise and something they’ve never read before. That works very well.

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