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Relax, Include a Nanny in Vacation Plans

October 10, 2014 by


Parents and kids all look forward to family vacation time, but while the time away is fun for everyone, parents often come home feeling like they need a vacation to recoup from their vacation.

This is nothing new, and today more and more vacation properties have added kid-friendly services such as kid clubs. Some luxury resorts have even started offering full-time nannies for the children as part of an all-inclusive vacation.


Benefits of a Vacation Nanny

Having access to a nanny while on vacation offers flexibility for parents of young children. It gives parents the freedom to enjoy vacation activities with their kids, or a chance to take a break from the kids and do something grownup like a real vacation!

If parents want to spend all day with their kids and have a quiet dinner without them at the end of the day, a nanny makes that possible. If they want to enjoy an early morning or afternoon fishing charter, a nanny can make sure the kids have breakfast or lunch, take them to the pool, down to the arcade or whatever other activities may interest them.

Nannies also offer new parents an opportunity to travel with their baby and also provides the chance to slip away and enjoy a romantic dinner for two. In some cases, it’s just nice to have an extra set of hands even when the entire family is having fun together.

Resorts offering nanny services tend to be more expensive because the nanny stays with you or your children. However, if you shop you can find some resorts, the Frankyln D. Resort in Jamaica which provides a complementary, personal “Vacation Nanny” for the entire length of your stay.

Whether you choose to include a nanny as an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands during vacation activities, or use them to give yourself a break for some personal or romantic time, having a vacation nanny offers the flexibility needed to enjoy your vacation and return home a little more rested.

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