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Rockome Gardens a Low Key Amish Theme Park

July 19, 2013 by

Rockome Gardens

If you live in or plan a visit to Illinois, the Amish theme park, Rockome Gardens, makes a nice day trip for the entire family. It’s located 6 miles south of Chesterville and 4 miles east of Arcola, Illinois and offers low-key entertainment like horse-drawn carriages, and a hands-on look at Amish life.

The Rockome Gardens Experience

Rockome Gardens draws its inspiration from Amish life and has become a time capsule of 1940s rural America. Over the years, the owners of the park have added antique farm buildings from the surrounding area and living farm demonstrations.

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride down the river as you learn about Amish history, or see antique farm equipment in use. Visit the Haunted Cave, a Western-town-style Indian Trading Post, general store, petting zoo, blacksmith, saw mill, one-room schoolhouse, a local history museum and more.

Sunken Garden

Formal Gardens

When you enter the park, immediately on the right guests enjoy the oldest part of the park, Rockome’s Sunken Gardens. Walk amid lush colorful flowers with placards displaying Amish aphorisms about gardening collected by Elvan Yoder.

Witness interesting details of decorative concrete and rough-hewn stone walls which are in disrepair from age along with pottery pieces embedded in the concrete.

The Pools

At the southeast corner of the gardens you’ll find 35 interconnected pools amid paved walkways ideal for a leisurely walk.

The Lovers’ Heart

The Lovers’ Heart is a well-known attraction. This famous rock construction is used on park literature and is a favorite backdrop for picture taking.

Lover's Heart

Rockome Gardens isn’t for families looking for fast-paced, action-packed activities, roller coasters or similar attractions. It’s more of an exercise in relaxing and enjoying time together.

Finish out your Rockome Gardens visit with a meal at the Rockome Restaurant or delicious homemade ice cream from Elvan’s Ice Cream Shop, and don’t forget to pick up some fresh-baked goods, candy, or something from the meat and cheese shop to take with you.

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