Should You Take Kids Out of School for Vacation?

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Check your child’s school’s school policy before booking your vacation.

Traveling with your family during off peak travel times often requires taking kids out of school.

This is a controversial issue, but for some parents the travel vacation deals available during off peak travel times are the only way they can afford a family vacation.

The reason peak season costs the most is because it is the time everyone wants, many times because it is when the kids are out of school.

Family vacation

Should You Take Kids Out of School for Vacation?

For homeschool families, the timing for vacation is not an issue because one of the benefits of homeschooling is that the school schedule can be adjusted to fit the family’s plans.

However, if your children go to school, and you’re thinking of taking kids out of school for vacation, be prepared for some resistance.

In most cases, educators frown upon taking kids out of school, even in the early grades. Some schools even have a school policy that forbids it.

Others allow for as many as five days for travel. The fact is, you may not be allowed to take your kids out of school for vacation.

Vacation Homework

Get lesson plans and homework from your child’s teacher.

Things to Consider when Taking Your Kids Out of School

Remember that educators have your kid’s best interest at heart. They are not trying to put a wet blanket on your vacation plans. Their concern is for your child’s education.

If your child’s school’s policy allows you to take your child out of school, before you book your travel plans take the time to talk to your child’s teacher. Let them know when you’ll be pulling them from class. Ask how you can work together and take their advice to heart.

In most cases it requires more than make-up homework. It often includes a lesson plan which will have to be completed while you’re away.

This is something that has to be made clear to the kids, too, because even though they will be on vacation, they’ll have to keep up with their school work.

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  1. My husband and I never take the kids out of school for a vacaton. But I wish I could — the best times to go to Disney and many other places are when everybody else’s kids are in school! I guess that’s why we don’t travel much.

  2. Ruby T. says:

    I find you have good luck if you plan a vacation to fit in after a report card, or mid-terms because the “heavy lifting” work is done for a little while and the homework and tests are lighter right after them. Easier to slip away from school for a few days.

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