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September 7, 2012 by

New York City children’s company Skip Hop makes a wide range of products aimed at helping kids look their best and have fun while making life a little easier on parents.

Their products are functional, cute, safe and affordable. One of Skip Hop’s best products for young travelers is the line of Zoo Luggage, carry-on sized luggage pieces designed specifically for kids.

The Zoo Luggage line features adorable animal faces on rolling luggage so that kids can be in charge of toting around their items when traveling via plane or car. The luggage pieces are sturdy, and large enough to store clothes and toys for an overnight at a friend’s house, or a week-long family vacation.

If kids get tired of rolling around their luggage, a detachable shoulder strap makes it easy for parents to sling the pack over their shoulder and keep on moving. A zip front mesh pocket is the perfect place to store snacks or small items like toys and books, leaving the larger compartment for clothing and shoes.

The Skip Hop Zoo Luggage line includes Bee, Dog, Monkey, Ladybug and Owl styles. Each piece of luggage retails for $38 and is available on the Skip Hop website.

Photo source: Skip Hop

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  1. Penny W. says:

    Cute bags, but if I’m traveling with little ones for a week, you know they need more stuff that an adult, and these bags won’t cut it. Books, toys, a stuffed animal, pull-up diapers, snacks and extra socks & undies mean you need a big bag for serious travel.

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