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Texas is not what one usually thinks of when they think about scuba diving, so you might be surprised to read about the Aquarena Center in San Marcos, Texas.

The Aquarena Center is part of the larger Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, owned by Texas State University. It serves as an educational center that focuses on preserving the unique qualities of Spring Lake.

In 1849, the San Marcos river was damned, forming Spring Lake at it’s headwaters. The  lake is constantly fed by over 200 natural springs that bubble up from the Edwards Aquifer and is home to 8 endangered species, including the Texas Blind Salamander and Texas Wild Rice.

The water is crystal clear and perfect for underwater exploration and education of the fragile life beneath the surface.



Options for adventure are plentiful here at the Aquarena. They offer their famous glass bottom boat and kayak tours, a floating wetlands boardwalk, and scuba diving.

Those wishing to dive in the lake must take a “Diving for Science” course which is designed to teach divers about the sensitive environment as well as the archeology of the aquifer. They offer several other dive classes for those interested in learning more about the endangered species, plant life, or archeology of the area.

The Aquarena is great for all ages. They offer daily boat tours and educational tours. Visit their website to find more information on the different programs available.


Photo Source: kellyv, brian.gratwicke

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