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Table Topics To Go: Making Road Trips Fun

August 23, 2012 by

Table Topics - Travel Editions

Everybody remembers the days of playing “punchbuggy” in the backseat — or perhaps “doodlebug,” depending on the region — and all the other proprietary family games we’d make up to pass the time in the car on a road trip with the parentals.

Now, though, in a world filled with smartphones, iPads, backseat video screens and more, an old-fashioned interactive road trip game can be more refreshing than ever.

Table Topics - Travel Editions

Table Topics, the brand known for… well, table topics… has taken its popular dinner party conversation cubes and shrunk them down into compact, travel-friendly versions perfect for filling those blessed pockets of time between each beleaguered moan of “Are we there yet?

Table Topics - Travel Editions

Several editions are available of the 40-card sets with open-ended conversation starters to fill the silence when it’s no longer comfortable. Each set has a specific angle of its own, from one that’s made specifically for kids, to another that covers travel in general, not to mention romantic topics for grown-ups only, and a new one dedicated solely to the subject of reality television.

The kids’ deck in particular received a Product of the Year award from Creative Child Magazine in 2012 — a positive sign that the kiddos will take to it like fish to water and stop hitting each other in the backseat.


Photo credits: Table Topics

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  1. Julie C. says:

    We have the regular TableTopics for kids and had fun with it until we went through all the questions. I’d be willing to try it again for the road trip (would it work for air travel?)to try and beat the boredom a little.

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