Take The Kids: Legoland, Florida

February 3, 2013 by

Located in Winter Haven, Florida, just outside of Lakeland, Legoland Florida is a must-visit when vacationing with the kids in The Sunshine State.

Often overlooked for the Disney themepark, Legoland Florida has plenty to offer kids. Legoland Florida spansĀ 145 acres and is the world’s largest Legoland Park.

All keeping in line with the lego theme, Legoland Florida has over 50 rides, shows and attractions perfect for kids ages 2-12.

Some of the top areas in this park include the LEGO Kingdoms, where kids can ride lego-themed horses in a joust or ride the Dragon Coaster, and the Imagination Zone, a huge interactive play and discovery area.

Legoland Florida also has an expansive water park, so don’t forget a bathing suit.

Adults have fun at Legoland Florida as well. A favorite attraction for the whole family is Miniland USA, where miniature versions of some of the countries most famous towns and structures are completed entirely out of legos.

Miniland USA is home to lego representations of New York City, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas.

Tickets to Legoland Florida start at $69 and can be purchase on the Legoland Florida website.

Photo source: Legoland Florida

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