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The Oldest Salt Mine in the World

July 11, 2013 by

salt mine
Salzburg, Austria is well known for The Sound of Music, but it’s also home to the Salz Welten, or salt worlds. These 3,000 year old salt mines are an attraction you don’t want to miss.

The surrounding area of the salt mines is as pristine and lush as you remember from the childhood movie, which makes the unsuspected labryinth of mining tunnels even more fascinating. When you get there, you’ll travel up a funnicular railway along the hillside that brings you to the mouth of the mining system.

From here, you’ll don some fancy¬†miners¬†overalls and choose to walk into the deepest parts of the caverns, or ride the miners slides down into the preserved land.

Either way, you must take a guided tour, which will last about 70 minutes. On this tour you’ll learn about the “Man in the Salt,” how salt helped Salzburg become the beautiful city it is, and visit the subterranean salt lake.

Be sure to dress warm. You’ll be traveling 21 stories below the surface of the earth and the average temperature down there is just 40 degrees.

They are open from 9am-5pm March-November, and 10am-3pm all other months. Tickets are 24 Euro for adults, or 52 Euro for two adults and one child (additional children 11 Euro). English audio guides can be purchased for 2 Euro.

Visit Salz Welten for more information and travel planning.

Photo Source: Salzburg Salt Mines

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