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Visit Hogle Zoo’s Lego Zoo Display

July 22, 2013 by

Polar Bear

This summer, Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo is featuring a summer-long Legos exhibit called “Creatures of Habitat: A Gazillion-Piece Animal Adventure.” The display brings to light 9 endangered species and their dwindling habitats and is designed to inspire conservationists of all ages.

32 Animal Sculptures in All

The Lego Zoo displays are scattered throughout Hogle Zoo. Each animal sculpture, created by Lego-Certified Professional Sean Kenny, shows amazing detail one little brick at a time, with 259,450 Lego bricks used overall.

He was commissioned to create 32 Lego animal sculptures in all for the exhibit. Kids and adults find the exhibits fascinating with species represented from around the world.

Lego Penguins

  • Polar Bear: From the Arctic, the Polar Bear is the largest sculpture in the exhibit. It took 95,000 bricks to construct this life-size polar bear, and over 1,100 hours.
  • Penguins: Zoo visitors also enjoy 5 life-size penguins. This display draws attention to the effects of over fishing.
  • Diamond-back Terrapin: North America is represented with an exhibit of the diamond-backed terrapin and points out the turtle’s struggle to survive with extensive building and high-speed roads encroaching on their habitat.
  • Kingfisher: A display featuring two Kingfishers, which have almost become extinct on the island of Guam since the brown tree snake was introduced.
  • Harlequin Frog: The exhibit includes this tiny frog to point out a fungus crisis that’s decimating amphibians in Ecuador.
  • Gorilla: The Lego gorilla is a favorite photo op, and teaches visitors about how cellphones harm gorillas and what people can do to help prevent the damage from happening.
  • Golden Lion Tamarins: A display with 13 golden lion tamarins catches these golden apes in frolicking and playing poses. The exhibit informs visitors that there are only 1,500 of this apes left in the wild.

Lego Gorilla

Educational and Entertaining

The Creatures of Habitat: A Gazillion-Piece Adventure is a reminder of how human behavior impacts and even endangers animals and their habitats, and offers suggestions for how we can change that! This exhibit is not only educational but is also entertaining as it is mingled throughout the zoo’s animal displays.

Photo credits: Jim the PhotographerJim the Photographerdbbent

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