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Visiting San Francisco with Kids

May 22, 2015 by

San Francisco

While San Francisco has a reputation as one of the most romantic cities, it’s also a culturally rich destination for families with kids. It features museums, trolley cars, aquariums, and Alcatraz, not to mention restaurants, festivals, and more.

San Francisco Museums

San Francisco offers a wealth of museums. Of course, some children will find the very thought of a museum, but when they learn about the Children’s Creativity Museum, Cartoon Museum, Cable Car Museum, Railway Museum and others they will change their tune.

Truthfully, with the wide range of museums found in San Francisco, there is something for just about every interest.

San Fransico Aquarium


The Steinhart Aquarium is an interactive San Francisco aquarium located at the California Academy of Sciences. Not only can the kids visit an aquarium at this location, but the planetarium is also under the same roof.

On this visit, when it comes to the aquarium, kids will not only see underwater life of more than 900 species, but visitors will also have the opportunity to explore animal attraction, visit the swamp gallery, shark lagoon and more.


Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is about a mile and a half offshore from San Francisco and just a ferry ride away. While visiting the abandoned prison is free, the ferry ride is not, but the ride is something most kids find fascinating.

Today the prison is a national recreational area and deemed a National Historic Landmark. Along with the abandoned prison, it is also the site of the oldest lighthouse on the West Coast.

Kids will be fascinated as they learn about the main prison and the facts about how few people escaped, and who they were. Along with all this, they will have a chance to visit the Warden’s House, Building 64, the Recreation Yard and more.

While not all children will be thrilled with the prison’s history, some will be more interested in natural features situated on site like the rock pools or seabird colony. While children of all ages find visiting Alcatraz fascinating, it is important to note that this outing usually takes about a half a day, so be sure to allow enough time.

Lastly, consider taking a trolley car ride to see the city. The kids will think it great fun and it will give you an opportunity to see many landmarks along the way while you sit and give your feet a rest.

Photo credits: wikipedia, Allie Caulfield, Ruth Hartnup

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