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Wizard Quest a Fantasy Quest for the Whole Family

July 26, 2013 by


For families with teens headed to the Wisconsin Dells this summer, a visit to Wizard Quest is in order. This part melds cutting edge technology that fuses a story driven by a computer game with a 13,000 square foot enchanted realm. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors.

To go in alone, questers must be 16 years and older, but families are invited to explore the secret passageways, illusions, and join the quest!

The Quest Takes Teamwork

The Wizard Quest requires teamwork. In fact participants are warned, “Whatever you do, don’t do it alone or you will FAIL!” The goal is to free wizards of the four realms: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. To do that, first the wizards must be located within the magical labyrinth.

Questers use powers of observation as they explore in order to uncover mysteries of the Quadrasphere. They answer questions, have riddles to solve, and doors to unlock as the quest takes them through mazes and presents physical barriers to challenge along the way.

The ultimate goal is to collect enough magic so you can free the wizards.

The Evil Sorcerer Havoc

No quest is complete without a nemesis, and the Wizard Quest is no different. Questers must avoid Havoc, the Evil Sorcerer who initially trapped the wizards. If you’re not careful, you could condemn the wizards to eternal entrapment.

Wizard Quest

Completing the quest takes team work.

This Park Doesn’t Break the Bank

The quest takes about an hour and a half total and is a unique way to spend part of the day. It costs $12.99 for adults. Kids 5-11 cost $10.99 and children 4 or younger get in for free. A heads up, though. Even if you don’t plan to play, you have to pay to get in.

Admission includes a portal pass for everyone and does include a quest suitable for smaller kids. However, the main quest is designed with teens and adults in mind with hidden entrances and secret passages to find. It’s like walking through an interactive fantasy museum. Fantasy and mystery lovers will love it.

Photo credits: wizardquest, ashley_dryden

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  1. Penny W. says:

    I’ve never heard of this before! Sounds like fantastic fun for older kids, something that there isn’t enough of out there. Good prices, too!

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