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World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

July 19, 2012 by

Kids and kids at heart alike will enjoy a trip to Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola—a museum dedicated to the world’s most popular soft drink.

A visit here starts in the Cocoa-Cola Loft, which is filled with brand memorabilia. Next, head into the theater for a charming, animated behind-the-scenes look at how the popular soda is made.

Once finished, move at your own pace throughout the museum’s attractions. Witness the bottling process, head to the viewing room to see Coca-Cola commercials from around the world, go to the Pop Culture Gallery to see modern works of art inspired by the soft drink, or check out the Secret Formula 4-D Theater for a multi-sensory experience where you help a mad scientist track down Coke’s mysterious secret formula.  And don’t miss out on your chance to meet and get your picture taken with the Coca-Cola polar bear.

But for most kids, the best exhibit here is the last one. Taste It! allows you to grab a plastic cup and roam from country to country, trying out more than 60 sodas from around the world. Flavors include Delaware Punch from Honduras, Inca Kola from Peru, Mezzo Mix from Germany, Stoney Tangawizi from Tanzania, Vegitabeta from Japan and Italy’s Beverly—undeniably the most talked about soda due to its unusual bitter taste. (Beverly’s main flavor is quinine, the bitter note present in tonic water, and is typically drunk in Italy as an aperitif before meals.)

After the tasting room, you’ll head through the gift shop that stocks everything from magnets to Coke polar bears. Kids experiencing a sugar high from the tasting room can run off their excess energy on the museum’s front lawn before heading back to the hotel.

Tickets cost $16 for adults; $12 for youths aged 3-12; $14 for seniors. Children under 2 years are free with an adult.

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons; hyku, Flickr

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