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Dog Sitter

May 2, 2014 by

dog couch

So you’re finally going on your dream vacation, 3 weeks in Europe, or wherever your dream takes you. Awesome! Now, what will you do with Spot, your beloved best friend? Boarding kennels seem so‚Ķboring. They’re expensive, and often Fido gets kenneled up, hours at a time, listening to his neighbors bark and whine.

Now, with DogVacay, you can find a loving home to send Skippy off to. Maybe he’s a social guy, so you choose a home with other pets, or maybe he’s a bit shy, so you send him off to a quiet home where he can be alone, but comfortable.

It’s really simple, visit DogVacay and search for a sitter near you. Read host information and user reviews to find the perfect doggy home, book and pay online. DogVacay offers free pet insurance, 24 hour assistance, and a money back guarantee! Best of all, it’s affordable; reservations start at just $25/night. Now Max can be happy while you save money for that dream vacation!


Photo Source: DogVacay

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  1. Julie C. says:

    I just took a peek at the site and it seems very simple to me and I found several sitters that were in my own town. So next time I travel, I will probably consider this route for boarding my pet!

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