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Must See: Philly’s Magic Gardens

May 1, 2013 by


Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is one of the most unique museums you’ll ever visit. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, this South Street gem is a must see.

The Magic Gardens project began in 1994, and took 14 years to complete. The artist, Philadelphia born Isaish Zagar, purchased a vacant lot that neighbored his studio, and decided to bring it to life with mosaics, tunnels, grottos, and recycled treasures.

His work is influenced by his world travels and his love of folk art installations. It can be found all over the city of Philadelphia, in alleyways, city street, and on towering walls, bringing the streets alive with beauty.

At the museum, $7 grants you entry to the the labyrinth of tiles, glass, bottles, and quotes. On the weekends, they offer guided tours and on every second Sunday of the month, the museum offers “Family Jams” with hands-on workshops and tours. Both are free with admission.

For those so inspired and creative enough to begin their own projects, the museum offers workshops with Isaiah himself!



Take a stroll here on a Saturday afternoon and when you’re finished, visit the artist’s wife’s shop, The Eye’s Gallery, for equally unique and exotic clothing, jewelry, and furniture.

Photo Source: Flickr/athomson, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

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